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Patient Mom,  Beautiful Wife,  Homemaker, Busy Babe

Big Sister,  3rd grader,  creative,  structured

Sparkly, thoughtful,  can't wait for school

baby sis, loveable, musical, animated

Pure one, "The Lord is God", in His hands, in heaven with Jesus



Dad,  Hubby, Remodeler, NET Junkie

Big Brother, initiator, tender, analytical

little brother, energetic, athletic, full of spunk, tough

Due November 11th!!!



Turner's Syndrome
A short life - a battle with Turner's Syndrome

Katie's Page
A short life - a battle with Turner's Syndrome

Katelyn Joelle Moore was stillborn on January 15, 1998 after a battle with Turners Syndrome. We look forward to seeing Katie again in Heaven when the time comes for those remaining of the family who know Jesus Christ personally and have accepted His perfect forgiveness for their sins.

The following poem was written on the day of her birth in the hospital by her earthly father David.

Dear Katelyn Joelle Moore

When Mommy and Daddy found out
That we were expecting you
Words couldn't contain the elation
Even Big Sister Rosie looked forward too!

Our joys were never ceasing
Even as you were struggling for life,
Our prayers just got much harder
For we knew that God plans our lives.

Although your life was short-lived
As you died before you were born
Your presence has born fruit
That will last an eternity more.

We look forward to your presence
When Heaven's Gates are opened wide
Since we know that you're with Jesus
Sitting closely by His side.

We Love you, Katie - always
Remember that my dear
But more importantly remember
That Jesus loves you near

You see, Jesus came to earth
to save us all from SIN
By dying Himself - on our behalf
And is in Heaven ALIVE again.

For all who trust in Jesus--
As their only hope of eternal life
A home in Heaven is promised
Where now YOU can tell them Hi!

Your presence will always be missed here
But now you're by our Savior's side
Giving Jesus some Hugs and Kisses
And we'll tell others of eternal life.

We Love You Dearest,
Love Mommy and Daddy

Jan 15, 1998

1 lb 4 oz

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turners syndrome,
Turner syndrome (TS) is a chromosomal condition that describes girls and women with common features that are caused by complete or partial absence of the second sex chromosome
As we were seeking information on this condition, we came across It was a great resource. Being able to discuss through a forum the challenges and quesitons other parents were experiencing as they also were seeking answers One of the best helps for us was realizing that there is a person who understands everything that goes on in our lives better than even we do - that person is Jesus Christ.